An exciting new concept of travel for tourists!

Once you get to know the evolution and history of Florentine arts, you’ll find a rich city that has given our modern world a new view of artisanal knowledge.

Impara Firenze gives the tourists you have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the most charming and unique aspects of this beautiful city, regardless of the length of their stay.

Impara Firenze’s special courses, to which the tourist registers through our Centralized Enrollment Center, include content from some of the best Florentine schools where tradition is expertly preserved. In fact, each of our courses combines both ancient and contemporary know how. If you are a tour operator interested in enhancing your capacity in the field of alternative educational tourism, the Impara Firenze offering is the perfect solution for you.

Please contact us, We would love to know about your current activities and plans in the area of alternative educational tourism and answer any questions you may have.

Together we can offer your clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the magical world of Florence art education and professional development.