The LABA of Florence is the first Fine Art Academy in Tuscany to be legally recognized by the MIUR institute of top level artistic training. At an institute where teachers are professionals in their subject areas, the Liberal Academy of Fine Arts has created synergies and cooperation with important both public and private institutions such as: The Cartiere Fedrigoni (international paper mill industry), the Piaggio Foundation, the Alinari Museum, the Cherubini Academy of Music, and so on. This allows students to have the opportunity of starting working through training and internships.

The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts in Florence offers academic courses of 3 plus 2 years (restructured duration) for diplomas at 1st and 2nd level (equivalent to the BA degree and MA degree) in five subjects: photography, graphic design and multimedia, design, visual arts/painting and fashion design. Besides structured university courses, the Academy also offers professional courses, liberal courses and post-degree masters.

The legally recognized academies were evaluated by CNAM and the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System in 2010. By the Minister’s decree, LABA acquired favorable opinions from CNAM regarding its compliance of the didactic system criteria in DM 123/2009, and from the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System regarding the adequacy of facilities and personnel to the type of courses to be transformed, as required by art. 11 of Presidential Decree 21/2005 aligns LABA to the European university standards.



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