A professional printing & Etching school and foundation offering long and short term printing courses. Fondazione Il Bisonte has maintained the balance between tradition and modernity for many years. Its International School of Printmaking respectfully aims to preserve all traditional and historical methods of printmaking. In fact, some of its ambitious projects for the future include opening artist in residence programs, and continuing the education of traditional printmaking techniques.

The International School of Printmaking Il Bisonte offers different courses for traditional printmaking techniques such as, but not limited to: drypoint, etching, aquatint, engraving, mezzotint, and softground. The school presents specialized classes, technical and practical workshops as part of a wide range of student courses: From daily demonstrations to specialized subjects, all of which deepen the students knowledge and skills in traditional Florentine printmaking.

Fondazione il Bisonte has produced some of the most significant prints in art history: From Henry Moore’s famous prints of the human figure, to Picasso’s only lithograph in Italy. It is now a foundation, printmaking specialisation school, cultural center, printing house, and gallery.



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