14 Jan

The tradition of dance has not only been preserved and passed down from person to person, but documented in print form as well. One of the early books that documented the art of this dance style was written in 1600 by Fabritio Carozo, titled Nobilita Di Dame.


Fabritio Carozo was a dance master to noble families in Italy. His dance manual was written during a time when it was believed that people of high social status should be included in works of art. The book contains details not only on the instructions for dance steps, but also detailed considerations such as style & etiquette.

In the 21st century, L’Atelier de Danse is one of the schools that has extensive knowledge of dance history and art, and also one of the Impara Firenze Project’s schools. In fact, the school has often been requested to recreate some of these traditional dances at various assemblies. So if you would like to learn more about the amazing history and art of dance, come and visit the L’Atelier de Danse!