Just like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, our summer courses gives you the chance to have an interdisciplinary educational adventure in Florence.
You can take courses in June and July in one or more specialized schools and doing so have a 360 degree Florentine experience.

ID Program Name Length
IFSM009 Summer Italian + Printing 4 weeks
IFSM008 Summer Leather Design 4 weeks
IFSM004 Summer in Luxury & Lifestyle 4 weeks
IFSM003 Summer Italian + Leather Craftsmanship 3 weeks
IFSM002 Summer Italian + Art 4 weeks
IFSM001 Summer Jewellry+ Italian 4 weeks
IFSM007 Summer in Fashion Design 4 weeks
IFSM006 Summer Footwear Design 4 weeks
IFSM005 Summer Fashion Trends 4 weeks