Interdisciplinary Experience

The schools of the ImparaFirenze (iF) Project are well known worldwide for their professional attitude and rich experience, each in its field.

Over the years, students have enjoyed the cultural and artistic know how of the schools, in short and long-term courses propagating the artisanal and artistic heritage of Florence.

Together we are better!

One of the iF project primer aims is to enable the acquiring of more disciplines in a short term study experience by creating one course that combines several arts and crafts studies organized by the best didactical context for each discipline. In doing so, we follow high standard parameters and guidelines:

1. All courses must have the same administration center in order to facilitate the access for students
2. Each discipline must be taught by one school which has the tools and knowhow in order to maintain a satisfying professional level
3. Schools involved in the project, must be synchronized with study programs and organization of the courses
4. Each experience must include introduction segment of the discipline and practical activities
5. A constant feedback will be required simultaneously from the students in order to guarantee “Live assistance” during the course, ensuring high quality control

ID Program Name Length
IFC001 Florencemania 1 4 weeks
IFC002 Florencemania 2 4 weeks
IFC003 Florence Mania XL 8 weeks
IFC004 The Self Portrait Program 4 weeks