Course Code: IFFD018

In the true spirit of the Renaissance this course creates a professional figure with the ability; to think like a timeless visionary,

to produce like an experienced artisan and, to exhibit like a contemporary performer: the CRAFTSMAN for Fashion.

Students on this course not only benefit from being surrounded by solid Florentine craft traditions, full of artistic sources of inspiration and great masters including Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, but they also profit from many great ‘unknown’ artisans; experts in their field working with materials such as wood, paper, glass, cement, leather and straw – using techniques such as printing, weaving, lace-making, tailoring and calligraphy etc. Thanks to such a solid working base, this course benefits from an experimental approach, for example: running 3D trials, dis-joining materials and techniques that are not usually linked; a lace sculpture in cement, tailoring with glass, etc., or just simply re-thinking the sense of time and space. There are no limits.

Student development is achieved by an incremental application of topics:


Year 1: Materials & techniques

Wood/make a body shape – Leather/make a sleeve – Tailoring/make a doll – Lace/make a mask.

Year 2: Materials & Techniques

Ceramics/make sweater – Straw/make a corset – Embroidery/make a cube – Cement/make a dress.

Year 3: Performance & Installations

Calligraphy/make a body paint – Printing/make a parachute – 3D-printing/make a skin.

Year 4: Final Dissertation

Write/make a book – Discuss/make a Video – Curate/make a space.

Courses language: English/Italian

Duration: 4 years

Dates: October

Application Deadline: EU citizens: 10 September

Non EU citizens: 15 July

Total fee: 10.000 € per year

Enrollment fee: 1000 €

Exam fee: 300 €

Documentation for visa: 200 €

The course is open to students with a high school diploma.

A good level of English language is required (written & spoken).


Candidates will be selected according to:
•Written test
• interview with the Head of the Design Department.

* For further information please contact us.


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