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The Self Portrait Program

 The Self Portrait Program Brochure

  • 4 weeks in Florence.
  • Non-stop inspiration.
  • A journey of Self Discovery.
  • The creativity workshop is designed to spark your imagination in the world’s most intriguing city.

 A Step Towards Innovation

The key to business and professional growth today is the ability to think outside the box. More often than not, you may be asked to solve business problems creatively, using lateral thinking. To do so, it’s imperative for you as a professional to develop a creative process for coming up with big ideas, and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems.

The world’s leading companies are continually seeking out and developing disciplines from the arts and craft world, to help them discover a better approach to innovation, entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

Creativity, innovation, design, ideation. The words are so simple yet hold a world of meaning. How did artists like Michelangelo transform canvas and paint into a masterpiece like David? The Impara Firenze programs are an opportunity to indulge your six senses on a learning adventure. The sixth sense? Creativity. So how do you access it?

During the course you will create your own self portrait and provide insight and feedback into the portraits of those around you. It’s all about individual development and exploring how your creativity can translate into your professional life.


From designers to business managers, this program is crafted for those graduates and professionals eager to fuel their creative appetites.


  • A fresh perspective on the creative process
  • Self Observation through art
  • Discovery of new pathways to teamwork and productivity
  • Authentic artistic skills that enhance ideation and visual product development.
  • Reveal new modes of collaboration in project planning and genesis.

The Self Portrait Program

Become immersed in 4 weeks of artisanal training that goes beyond the basic intellectual pursuits. This course will take you on a journey to create a self portrait. You’ll learn from Florentine Masters and engage your mind with Renaissance-based thinking all the way through to contemporary technology. Painting, printmaking, digital drawing and cooking – dive into Florentine maestro workshops where you’ll be asking just as many unconventional questions as you will be discovering the answers to. Forget the textbooks and lectures. The best way to learn and embark on a journey of self discovery is to live it.

The Impara Firenze program navigates you through the breathtaking landmarks of Florence. It’s a real learning adventure that will challenge and enhance how you view yourself and others. Engage in the arts first-hand with masterclasses, enrich your mind with Renaissance-based thinking and city discoveries, and reflect on your experiences with feedback sessions. The Self Portrait Program will allow you to become a constructive self critic and tackle your professional life with zest and newfound ability.

The Location

Florence is a city rich with history and aspiration, the centre of Renaissance Italy. With a legacy for art and learning, there is no better backdrop to become immersed in an individual exploration. Florence is bursting with cultural heritage and exploring the city in itself is a breathtaking experience. Pushing your creative boundaries in an environment imprinted with the narrative of Renaissance is the ultimate context for self discovery. Florence awaits you.
“Florence, the city of incessant movement… has left us a record of the thoughts and aspirations of each and all who, for three centuries, took part in this movement.” – Jacob Burckhardt, The Civilization of the Italian Renaissance.

Engage your senses

Artisanal Classes

Create your own self portrait in an artisanal bottega spanning over a 40 hour workshop. Here you’ll become acquainted with classical painting techniques and delve into the history of some of the greatest Florentine Renaissance self portraits. The workshop is your chance to experience true individual development through the eyes of an artist, in the ultimate process of self creation.

Take a voyage into the process of printmaking and find true originality in each artwork you create. The printmaking lessons provide you with an insight into the DNA of ink and allow you to enter the headspace of a real craftsman as you use monotones in a deeply engaging process. It is in these moments that a creative spark often develops within individuals.

Digital Drawing
Step into the dynamic world of animation and digital cartooning to challenge your view of reality and broaden your observations with satirical output. This program will allow you to appropriate personal observations into visual work and learn to interlace and reflect on tasks in a different light.

Round out your Florence experience and truly satisfy all of your senses with culinary classes. The workshop will give you practical experience with tools, ingredients and culinary composition. Another form of artistry, you will embark on a cooking experience to help define your self reality.

Duration: 4 weeks

Total program hours: 160

Schedule: Monday -Friday

*Program requires a minimum of 8 participants.

Dates: contact ImparaFirenze
Enrollment deadline:
Price: 3300€ . Price subjected to 22%VAT

Deposit: A non refundable deposit of 300 euro per person made to “Impara Firenze” is required to secure your place in our program. Reservation will be confirmed by mail once we receive your signed enrollment form and deposit. Program fee: Full program fee to be paid with a bank wire 30 days before the beginning of the program.Cancellations: If we receive written notice of your cancellation 31 days prior to departure, (and have also received payment in full for the program), we shall refund 50% of your total fee.There will be no refund for cancellations 30 days or less prior to departure, unless we are able to fill your place with another participant; in this instance, we shall refund all fees received less your original 300 euro deposit.

In the event that Impara Firenze must cancel a trip for any reason, all fees including deposits, will be returned in full.

The costs of any travel arrangements you may have made will however not be reimbursed.

Included in Price:

  1. Educational programs
  2. Learning & art materials
  3. Excursion to Perugia for the culinary program (includes transportation to and from Perugia and accommodations in Perugia )

Not Included in price:

Accommodations, airfare, traveling insurance, free time activities, meals other than the ones specified in the brochure, souvenirs, shopping.


We will assist students finding accommodations through a specialized real estate agency.

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