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The Discovery Tour

The Discovery Tour Brochure 

  • Three weeks
  • No school
  • A road trip through Europe

The Discovery Tour.

Our Program for 15-18 year olds.

 Orientation of Florence

Easing the transition to a new place.

We know that for students arriving in a new city, things can be exciting but a little overwhelming. With us and under the guidance of the friendly school staff, students will learn how the locals live: where they shop, eat and generally hang out. We then begin the first tour around the city to discover its incredible medieval and renaissance architecture, fashion heritage, colourful markets and mouth-watering food.

Italian Culture

Language Lessons
One of the best ways to live the Italian lifestyle is through the Italian language, which we find one of the most beautiful and romantic languages of the world. Our wonderful language teachers conduct small classes in grammar and conversation skills. This is where you’ll be able to speak, play, and learn how to communicate with the locals, order gelato on your own, and ask for directions; all the while speaking the language of the Renaissance!

Art History
Witness the incredible transition from late Medieval to the Renaissance made manifest in Italian art. Masterpieces like the “Expulsion from the Garden of Eden” by Masaccio and “The birth of Venus” by Botticelli, help us teach the evolution of the western art during the 14th and 15th centuries. This period known as the Humanism Renaissance was born right in the heart of Florence. Learning about Italian culture through its art is an interesting place to learn about Italian history. Students are more likely to be engaged by beautiful artworks rather than reams of textbooks.

We will be showing “Non ci resta che piangere”, a film from 1986 recounts the landing of Mario and Xavier in the countryside of Lucca during the Renaissance. A Tuscan comedian (Benigni), and a Neapolitan (Troisi) meet in this hilarious movie at the intersection between past and present. This gives for a fun and light-hearted look on Italy and its people. As the film is seen through the eyes of an Italian, this will give participants an insight into how Italians think.


Travel notebooks, with sketches and notes, were extremely popular from the 16th to 19th century in capturing one’s experiences. These classes are designed to take full advantage of the student’s unique experiences of living in Florence whilst learning and improving on drawing skills & techniques. With guidance, students will draw, on location at historical sites, architectural masterpieces, medieval streets, markets and gardens.

In Perugia resides one of the most famous chocolate factories in the world: Perugina. Perugina plays host to one of the most acclaimed chocolate fairs every year. This sweet workshop will involve Praline and filled chocolates, where the lessons will be based on theory, practice and, of course, taste!

Originally from Naples, pizza is now consumed all over the world. In this class, students learn how its made by the Florentines and come to appreciate the art of making pizza. By seeing that everything from the dough to the toppings reflects where the pizza is made, learning about Italian cuisine and culture are combined.

Gelato is very different to ice cream in that it provides the eater with an enhanced experience. Less butterfat means a higher melting point so gelato begins to melt immediately in your mouth. By learning how to make gelato, students learn the Italian passion for food first hand.

Florence is well known for its handmade leather goods. Students begin this artistic experience in the famous Scuola del Cuoio, in the monastery of Santa Croce, created by the Gori and the Casini-Florentine leather artisans in the 1930’s. In this half day workshop, students will create their own leather sketchbook, to be used during the sketchbook course and as a travel journey, cover with the leather master.


Boat Ride
Here’s your chance to discover Florence from a totally different point of view. On this relaxing 90-minute Arno River boat ride, students get to leave the crowds behind, give their feet a rest, and enjoy the gentle breezes of the Arno River.

Soccer Lesson
Being a soccer player is every Italian’s dream. Italians live and breathe calcio as a major part of their culture. Students will have the chance to play the most popular sport in Italy in the Soccer Academy which collaborates with the famous soccer team of ACF FIORENTINA.

Museo Ferragammo
Visiting this fashion museum allows students to understand Salvatore Ferragamo’s amazing story, passion and legacy. From being a prodigal apprentice to the contemporary fashion house his name has become, students are invited to see the passion in his designs.

Duration: 3 weeks

For the full table of activities, please download the brochure.

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*Students may not enroll independently to the program

*Program requires a minimum of 10 participants.

Dates: July 12, 2015 –  August 2nd 2015
Enrollment deadline: 01/02/2015
Price: Contact us for more information.

What do you get with Impara Firenze?

  • Local sim card.
  • The full program managed educationally and logistically.
  • Coordination with all relevant bodies involved in the program delivery.
  • Organizing and supervising, including housing arrangement.
  • All local transportation costs and logistics for programmed activities.
  • Transportation costs and logistics.
  • Dedicated staff.
  • Guided tours by licensed teachers.
  • A 24/7 help line for students and faculty during your stay in Italy.
  • All necessary educational materials and art supplies at no cost.
  • At least 1 full weekend excursion outside of Florence and 2 other 1 day excursions.
  • At least 10 meals included.
  • All museum and other entrance tickets for program activities included.

Not Included in price:

Accommodations, airfare, traveling insurance, free time activities, meals other than the ones specified in the brochure, souvenirs, shopping.

  • 1 staff member for every 10 students.
  • Each student will get a cell phone which will allow him to contact our staff 24/7.
  • A specified zone in which students can travel in their free time.
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.
  • 11pm daily curfew.


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