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The Amore Tour Brochure

The Experience

A two week intensive program where one is immersed in the beauty, excitement and history of Florence and surrounding Italian cities. A country where romance was born and nurtured through passion for art, delectable food, an enchanting language and a history filled with inventors, designers and architects. It is your chance to truly explore Florence as you live, learn and delve into its rich culture. Get to know the real Florence through this dynamic learning experience, with language lessons, classes, tasting, drawing and simply absorbing the atmosphere. Take the ultimate vacation while nourishing your mind as you embark on the Amore Tour.

Find your Florence.

The Welcome Tour.

Kick start your first morning by becoming familiar with your new learning grounds. It can be overwhelming getting to know a new city but you’ll soon learn to live like the locals with the help of our school team.
Our friendly guides and school staff will acquaint you with the area, from the thrilling sights through to the renowned restaurants embellishing the city.

Italian Culture

Language Lessons
Indulge in the true Italian experience by learning one of the world’s most beautiful languages. Our language teachers will leave you ordering gelato with ease as you culture yourself in small classes for grammar and conversation lessons. There is no better souvenir to mark your Florence experience.

Art History
Florence is a beautiful city, rich in history and art. As the birthplace of Humanism and the Renaissance, there is no better place to become submerged in true Italian art. Experience and explore the transition from late Medieval times to the full Renaissance manifestation in Italy’s art scene.

Tour the City

The best way to learn is to live and the city of Florence is bursting with energy and promise to complement your studies perfectly. The program will see you study and play in some of the most iconic locations.


San Gimignano
The medieval streets of this small and enchanting town evoke rich ancient history, proudly declared a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO.

Cinque Terre
The dazzling cluster of villages are surrounded by vineyards and crystal clear sea, arguably one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

Another gem boasting medieval history, Siena is known for Il Campo, its central piazza, where the famous Palio, a horse race, is run in the summer. Become immersed in the cathedrals and sights of this beautiful town.


Take a tour of this lively medieval town bustling with a clash of historic building and modern shops.

Lake Trasimeno
Experience nature at its best and visit Lake Trasimeno, set within the Umbrian hills and vineyards.

Universita dei Sapori
Travel back in time and expose yourself to the medieval paths, palaces and castles of beautiful Umbria. Experience the art of true Italian food and soak in the culture of this culinary training center where you have the opportunity to undertake cooking classes.

Art & Gardens

Piazzale Michelangelo
The large square affords majestic views over Florence, with a replica of masterpiece ‘David’ embellishing the piazza. Take in the panoramic views over the enchanting city, from Santa Croce through to Settignano.

Boboli Gardens
The enchanting gardens also offer a magnificent spread of antiques, Renaissance statues, grottoes and immense fountains, standing as an open museum. The gardens are abundant in cultural treasure from the heart of the humanistic revolution.

Architecture & Art

Uffizi Museum
Explore under a guided tour, one of the world’s most significant artistic treasures. The gallery offers one of the most decadent collections of art, a true adventure for culture lovers.

Santa Croce
A guided tour to the largest Franciscan church in the world is a sublime experience. The sixteen chapels are adorned with frescoes by Giotto and his students. It has since been reconstructed and modified by more great artists including Brunelleschi.

Bargello Museum
This museum houses an extraordinary collection of sculpture and art. Explore the building holding some of the Renaissance’s most significant sculptures crafted by the likes of Michelangelo and Cellini.

Cooking Classes

First-hand culinary delights.

Primi Piatti
In good hands, the Chefs of the Universita dei Sapori will lead you through incredible courses to learn the basics of authentic Italian cooking. Learn the core techniques of preparation for true Italian cuisine that will change the way you work in the kitchen.

Secondo Piatti
Grilled, braised, boiled. It’s your chance to work on your culinary skills for the “Course of Second Dishes”, or meat. The lessons of theory will equip you with an explanation of the ingredients and techniques to create beautiful recipes that await you for tasting at the end of each class.

Per Bacco
Italy is the home of the finest wine. Take your senses on a journey through the country and enjoy wine and food tastings. What better way to experience the most decadent pleasures of Italy?


The drawing and painting course is your opportunity to express and explore yourself in an inspiring city. Dabble with charcoal, ink and paper and try your hand at a range of techniques with a range of artistic options at your disposal.

Learn this intriguing art form in a specialized school. This course will allow you to develop first-hand into the main themes of printmaking. From an introduction to the tools and materials and through to preparation of the zinc plates, you’ll get a taste of Italy’s handiwork.

Duration: 2 weeks

For the full table of activities, please download the brochure.

*Program requires a minimum of 8 participants.

Dates: 24/11/2014, 19/01/2015, 16/03/2015, 13/04/2015, 08/06/2015, 06/07/2015.
Enrollment deadline: 24/10/2014, 19/12/2014, 13/03/2015, 08/05/2015, 06/06/2015
Price: 3200€ , Price includes 22%VAT

Deposit: A non refundable deposit of 300 euro per person made to “Impara Firenze” is required to secure your place in our program. Reservation will be confirmed by mail once we receive your signed enrollment form and deposit. Program fee: Full program fee to be paid 30 days before arrival.Cancellations: If we receive written notice of your cancellation 31 days prior to departure, (and have also received payment in full for the program), we shall refund 50% of your total fee.There will be no refund for cancellations 30 days or less prior to departure, unless we are able to fill your place with another participant; in this instance, we shall refund all fees received less your original 300 euro deposit.

In the event that Impara Firenze must cancel a trip for any reason, all fees, including deposits, will be returned in full. The costs of any travel arrangements you may have made will however not be reimbursed.

Included in Price:

  1. Educational programs
  2. Learning & art materials
  3. All local transportation costs and logistics for programmed activities
  4. Guided tours by licensed teachers.
  5. Entrance fees of all visits specified in the program brochure
  6. Excursions as specified in the program brochure (2 full days excursions and a 3 days excursion)
  7. At least 8 meals

Not Included in price:

Accommodations, airfare, traveling insurance, free time activities, meals other than the ones specified in the brochure, souvenirs, shopping.


Participants can choose between:

  • Single room in an apartment with use of kitchen:

        Price 280€, extra night- 20€

  • Single room in an apartment with breakfast – no use of kitchen:

        Price: 322€, extra night- 23€

  • Independent apartment - one or 2 bedrooms:

        Price: 70-€ – 90€ per night

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