Course Code: IFSM004

This course will introduce participants to the world of luxury through a real life hands-on exploration of the Italian lifestyle. Participants will attend specialised classes on products and services offered in the fascinating world of luxury, during a month exploring Tuscany, one of the most renowned regions in the world for art, culture, savoir vivre and high quality craftsmanship.

This summer course is also a first step to a career in Luxury Management, requiring skills in advanced marketing and branding, a deep cultural knowledge, and an understanding for the perfect mix of emotions and sensations only a direct experience of ‘Made in Italy’ can provide.

Studies in luxury open up various positions  within the industry including; Leather Goods, Textiles, Fragrances, Jewellery & Watches, Cars & Motorcycles, Yachts, Wine & Spirits, Hotels & Spas and Interior Design.


Course program:

Luxury Management: All the Products and Services in Luxury, Principles of Luxury Management, Advanced Marketing and Branding
(special focus on Leather Goods, Textiles, Wine & Spirits, Fragrances)

Hard Luxury: The Luxury Business, Economy and Finance
(special focus on Yachts)

Heritage Marketing: History as Marketing and Communication Tool
(special focus on Cars and Motorcycles)

Luxury Culture: Costume, Quality, Made in Italy, Art & Luxury
(special focus on Jewellery and Watches)

Luxury Lifestyle: The Italian Way of Living, Experiencing Tuscany
(special focus on Hotels & Spas, Interior Design)

Guest Lectures & Museums

Our summer students will have the chance to participate (without extra charge) to Guest Lectures given by experts and teachers of the fashion industry.

Visits to Gucci and Ferragamo museums are included into the programs.

Courses language: English/Italian

Duration: 4 weeks, Monday –Friday, 80 h

Dates: July

Application Deadline: EU citizens: 15 June

Non EU citizens: 31 May

Total fee: 3750 €

Documentation for visa: 200€ + 22% VAT

The course is open to undergraduates and graduates. English language is required.

An up to date curriculum and motivation letter are required and will be evaluated by the course coordinator. This course does not require an entrance exam.

* For further information please contact us.

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