Course Code: IFFD009

The Master’s program teaches you how to interpret, design and produce collections based on the long-standing, sophisticated Italian traditions of craftsmanship.

You learn how to maintain artistic integrity in your work, while respecting the individual styles of other persons

involved in the creative process. You must be able to effectively present your style and collaborate with different brands, manufacturers, artisans, and fashion designers.

The Master will foster your personal and cultural growth, right through to the creation and professional presentation of an innovative accessories

collection that reflects both the spirit of the season and the mind of a true professional designer.

The master’s program takes you through the various stages involved in the development of a genuine Footwear, Bags and Accessories collection.

At first, personal vision is strengthened through research into cultural aspects of History, Ethnics, Contemporary Arts and Trends.

Your illustration, drawing techniques, computer graphics and styling skills will be characterized and personalized.

You’ll improve your technical skills such as drawing, patter making, prototyping, computer designing, artisan techniques and management.

You’ll learn through workshops and group session how to work in a team with other professionals.

You will learn all of the aspects of managing a business.

At mid-term a seminar will be organized with fashion professionals. You will present projects and collections as a team and individually as a designer.

You will be taken through all the stages of analyzing resources of inspiration, creating and producing patterns and prototypes and manage the creation

of a 14 piece collection of shoes and accessories with the production of 5 items.

At last, you’ll learn to enhance the image of a signature collection through a professional presentation, using an interdisciplinary approach

that can include an event, the creation of a portfolio, a shooting, a look book and internet or video presentations. At the end of the master’s

course you will present your thesis collection to professionals in the industry, talent scouts, buyers and the media –

becoming a distinctive author capable of creating and realizing a signature collection.

Courses language: English

Duration: 14 months

Dates: January

Application Deadline: EU citizens: 15 November

Non EU citizens: 30 October

Total fee: 25.000 €

Enrollment fee: 1700 €

Exam fee: 300 €

Documentation for visa: 200 €

The master’s course is open to graduates (or equivalent), undergraduates or professionals with at least 2/3 years experience in the sector.

Preference will be given to graduates in Fashion or Footwear Design, Art and Industrial Design.


Candidates will be selected on the basis of:

• submission of portfolio and curriculum vitae;
• motivation letter;
• interview with the Head of the Design Department.

*At the end of the course students highlighted for their didactic progress and aptitude may be given the opportunity

of an interview within a company to evaluate a possible period of work experience in the field,

in accordance with current rules and regulations.

* For further information please contact us.

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