Course Code: IFFD013

Management of creativity and creative management of a fashion luxury brand

The Fashion Brand Management is the ultimate profile for managing nowadays fashion luxury brands, it’s visionary and concrete, creative and managerial,

leading and relational, innovative but well rooted in the know-how coming from the industry, competitive and beyond competition,

involved in all the processes from production to communication.

Therefore, the master course is wide and deep, and composed by three interlaced units:

Vision: design and trend based. It’s about brand identity, buyology, innovation and heritage, the tuning between human, society and industry.

Management: the business of fashion. It’s about strategy and concreteness, marketing and merchandising, retail and administration, law and logistics.

Communication: the brand outputs. It’s about materials, events, [Ad]vertising and [sub]vertising, writing, the digital world and video making.

The program includes field trips and guest lectures, a mid-term project based on a start-up, and a final project on brand building.

Course’s Language: English

Duration: 9 months

Dates: April, October

Application Deadline:

10 March; 10 September – EU citizen

10 February; 15 July – NON-EU citizen

Total fee: 19.000 €

Enrollment fee: 1700 €

Exam fee: 300 €

Documentation for visa: 200 €

The master’s course is open to graduates (or equivalent), undergraduates or professionals with at least 2/3 years experience in the sector.

Preference will be given to graduates in Fashion or Footwear Design, Art and Industrial Design.


Candidates may apply for this program if they have experience in luxury or closely related industries, and hold a valid academic degree. English is required. Attendance is mandatory.


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