Course Code: IFS008

Alchimia’s Master develops over a two-year period with the aim to expand and deepen the students’ knowledge

and skills in studio based jewellery design.

The program is intended to generate further critical understanding in and of the discipline,strengthen individual

artistic approaches and positions and investigate new possibilities of marketing and promotion.

The objective of the course is to render the students independent and qualitatively highly prepared in every aspect

of their work, including not only research, creation and production, but all those phases that relate to the activities

that follow such as exhibiting, self-presentation, relation to galleries and collectors, networking, etc.

Therefore in the second year of the program students are not required to live in Florence but can choose their base

within any city in Europe. A personal tutor appointed by the school will follow their developments while intensive workshops,

seminars and training periods will be held in Florence.

Duration: 2 years

Dates: please contact us.

Price: Administration fee – €1.500
Tuition – €22.800 for the 2 year program – Course fees are subject to a 22% VAT tax.

* For further information please contact us.

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