Course Code: IFD001

Italian Course description:
Grammar and conversation lessons in small groups – max 8 students
Our students come from all over the world, in all ages.

Lessons are divided in 2:

  • Grammar lessons
  • Conversation

After school activities such as: museum visits, pizza night, dinners, film night, seminars, excursions and much more.

Art of Restoration Course description:

Students with good skills and passion for history and art will plunge into the world of the restoration as they learn methodologies, tools, criteria, and techniques. The course provides a broad-spectrum approach on the various theoretical disciplines that interact with each other, as well as the tools to delve more deeply together or personally into the issues that students are passionate about. In a world made up almost exclusively of “images”, students will discover the pleasure of “touching” the matter. To know and recognize from a collection of disorganized pieces, students will recreate objects like a puzzle, a vase or a whole pot.

Students will discover that a good restoration requires a good mind and good hands. But above all, students will learn that the restoration is not an “exact science,” but that each object (although they look very similar to another), by its nature and living history, are a unique and unrepeatable.

• Restoration of paintings (canvas & wood)
• Restoration of Fresco and mural painting
• Stone restoration (Marble and other stones)
• Ceramic restoration

Gilding Course description:

The course introduces the noble profession of Gilder, you will learn the techniques of gilding and that a mission with the various methods of burnishing, coating and aging of the metal surface.

The practical part includes:

  • Preparation of the surface
  • Using the rabbit glue and gelatin
  • Using the gold chalk
  • Preparation of plaster glue (ammanitura)
  • Polishing with abrasive specific for gilders
  • The various types of bolus and their use
  • Laying the metal leaf (gold, silver) in gouache or mission
  • Burnishing with agate
  • Finishing techniques

Total Duration: 2 weeks

Course 1 Duration: 2 weeks, Monday to Friday, 40 lessons
Schedule: 9.00- 12.15

Course 2 Duration: 2 weeks, Monday to Friday, 20h

Dates: Please contact us
Price: 1390€ – 22% VAT included
Included in Price: Materials

* For further information please contact us.

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