Course Code: IFC001

Italian – Jewellery – Print making/etching – Painting

The Disciplines

Italian Language – 4 weeks

Monday to Friday, 9.00-12.15

Improve and develop your ability to communicate well in Italian, in a wide variety of situations, practicing the four skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Courses are held by qualified teachers who frequently attend courses covering the Direct Teaching Method. Maximum number of students per class – 8.

Jewellery – Basic techniques for beginners – 2 weeks

Monday to Friday, 14.00-17.00

In this course, the student will learn the basic techniques such as: sawing, filing, soldering, hammering and polishing, and create a first series of jewellery pieces. In addition to traditional techniques, exercises include the development of creativity and the possibility to experiment with alternative materials.

Print making/etching – 1 week

Monday to Friday, 14.00-17.00

This is regarded as the basic module for an initial approach to the main themes of hand printmaking: introduction to tools and specific materials; preparation of zinc or copper plates from the beveling of the edge to the application of the ground; sketch conception; execution of drawings and their transfer to the plate; introduction to black-and-white etching and aquatint, including practical work; introduction to other printmaking techniques; introduction to printing processes with a hand-operated press and relative exercises.

Even those who already have a basic technical grounding or who do not have much time will find that the course provides scope for more in-depth study and individual experimentation.

Painting – 1 week

Monday to Friday, 14.00-18.00

A mixed program functional as an introduction to the world of painting in which several techniques are applied. Oil painting, drawing and the creation of a sketch-book. Each student will bring to the creation process his own personal and artistic, potential based on experiences, memories and emotions trying to find new pathways in expressive methods.

The work is individual and a professional teacher will accompany the students during the lessons. No former experience needed.

Florencemania 1 Monday – Friday
1 week Italian Language School 9.00-12.15
Printmaking/Etching 15.00-17.00
2 week Italian Language School 9.00-12.15
Painting 15.00-17.00
3 week Jewellery 09.00-13.00,  14.00-16.00
4 week Jewellery 09.00-13.00,  14.00-16.00

Florencemania 1 – 3800 euro

Florencemania  –  Fees, Enrollment & Regulations

Dates: June 23rd 2014, September 15th 2014, November 10th 2014,January 5th  2015 , March 2nd  2015, may 11th  2015, June 22nd  2015, July 6th  2015 , September 28th  2015, October 26th  2015.
Prices (accommodation excluded)
Florencemania I – Italian – Jewellery – Print making/etching – Painting 3800 €
Florencemania  II** – Italian – Cooking – Print making/etching – Painting 2600 €
*** Minimum 5 of students required All prices include 22% VAT
  • All lessons take place in some of the best Florentine schools in their field.
  • A quality control is guaranteed by the presence of Impara Studies’ personal during the program and at the continued disposal of the students.
  • The schools are located in the heart of Florence and can be reached easily by foot.
  • All the weekend activities are held by our teachers and the art visits are guided by a licensed teacher. The students are required to pay only  museum and church entrance fees, transport, bars and restaurants.
  • All accommodations will be visited by our tutors before students’ arrival.
Programs Include Not included in price
An English speaking tutor
Guides for the weekend activities
Materials* for Italian, Jewellery &
Print making.
*a list of other materials needed Will be provided upon enrollment
  • Accommodations
  • Meals, museum tickets and transportation fairs.
  • Staying permit (If requested).
  • Health Insurance
  • Flights

Fees regulation:

Enrollment fee – The enrollment fee amounts at 30% of the course price and will be paid by a bank transfer and will not be returned in case of annulment less than 30 days before the course starts.

For some of the IF courses (Florencemania 1/2) if not achieved the minimum number of 4 students, the course will not be activated; in this case the IF’s enrollment center will return the entire enrollment fee.

The remains of 70% tuition fee will be paid by a bank transfer 15 days before the beginning of the course.

Florencemania – More Details

Please upload the following to the IF website or by mail  for enrollment:

  • Completed and signed enrollment form
  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • Two passport size photos (in digital format)
  • Copy of receipt of bank transfer for enrollment fee
  • Enrollment fee: 30% of the course fee, paid by a bank transfer.

IF Regulations:

  • The student undertakes to respect each school’s regulations.
  • The student agrees to pay the enrollment fee and the tuition fee.
  • The student acknowledges the fact that Impara Firenze/schools are entitled to make all the changes they consider appropriate to the study plan, and that some of the courses will be activated only with the minimum number of 8 registered students.
  • Eventual withdrawing must be notified by e-mail or registered letter 30 days before lessons begin. On the contrary Impara Firenze will retain the entire enrollment fee.
  • The student is responsible for any possible damages caused personally to people or things on the property of any one of the schools.
  • The student accepts the timetable of the courses and agrees to arrive to lectures on time.
  • Any eventual controversy will be under the jurisdiction of the Forum of Florence Italy.

* For further information please contact us.


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