Course Code: IFD006

Course 1 – Art – you may choose between the following options: Painting/Drawing:

The drawing and painting course offers the students a wide choice of materials and different techniques.


  • Paper: smooth white sheets, colored sheets and rough
  • Graphite pencils, sanguine and charcoal
  • Pastel and colored pencils
  • Inks, pens and brushes

Techniques of Performance

  • Copy with the method of squaring
  • Various measurement methods
  • Drawing freely

Depending on the wealth of experience and previously acquired from their personal aspirations, the students may decide to focus on a specific technique or diversify techniques and materials.

The practical part includes:

  • A lesson about materials
  • Preparing Paper
  • Introduction to design: analysis, synthesis and return of the form
  • Elements: line, light and dark
  • The monochrome chiaroscuro: the dashes, the gradient
  • Shadows and lights


  • Copy from a drawing or a photograph in black / white
  • Copying from a plaster model
  • Copy of objects
  • Portrait or self-portrait mirror

Course 2 – Printing

Lessons and guided exercises in printmaking and printing techniques. Suitable for anyone, including those with no basic training but are interested in a serious approach to the subject. Non-intensive and repeatable.

Total Duration: Tailor made.


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