A contemporary educational project that creates a bright future for students interested in Florentine culture, art, and professional fields.

The Impara Firenze project was established to meet the needs of eager learners. We firmly believe that every student has the right to access quality education services that allows them to achieve their dreams and prepare themselves for any challenges they may face in a contemporary society.

To provide programs where students can seize all that ¬†Florence has to offer in all its wonders, Impara Firenze joined forces with some of the best Florentine institutes and schools to design programs for arts and crafts. Institutes specialising in each artistic field come together to effectively combine every student’s education and travel experience in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Students also have complete access to a variety of experiences in order to pursue their interests with the highest level of education services.

Impara Firenze is an educational initiative specially designed for those who wish to explore and experience the best of Florence: An artistic lifestyle and vibrant culture.